Leadership Opportunities

VSCA has many different opportunities for students to develop their leadership with our organization beyond attending a conference.

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Awards & Recognition

Student leaders, councils, advisers, and administrators are recognized annually through several recognition and award programs.

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Convention & Workshops

Regional leadership workshops and the annual state convention provide opportunities for networking and training for both students and advisers.

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Advocating for Your Program

By Lyn Fiscus

Student council advisers wear many hats—educator, mentor, adviser, family member, role model, and more. In these tough times, one hat you must remember to put on now and then is advocate for your program. To maintain support in your school and community for your council’s activities, it’s important to keep those who might be in a position of influence informed so they will provide opportunity, resources, and support. As you work with your student leaders, don’t forget to include action items to ensure that others know about your program and all the ways your students benefit from participation in it.  [read more]

Cheering for You

Conducting a Successful Food Drive 

Food collection drives are popular during the holiday season, and chances are good your school has either just finished one or is in the thick of one.  Use the following key questions as a guide to organizing an effective food drive. [read more]

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Leadership and Citizenship

The VSCA is a leadership learning organization of the Virginia Association of Secondary School Principals (VASSP) that serves student leaders from private and public schools throughout the Commonwealth.

The VSCA provides opportunities to practice the citizenship skills necessary for effective participation in our democratic society.  Our organization encourages the formation, development and expansion of student councils in all schools in Virginia and among all students in grades kindergarten through high school.

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