Officers 22-23

The Advisory Committee has three working meetings throughout the school year to plan the annual convention and guide such VSCA activities as elections, awards, and programs. Student council members from any VSCA member schools are eligible to apply to serve on this statewide committee.

Student leaders from any member school may apply to serve as appointed members of the VSCA Advisory Committee. Applicants must apply by May 1 using the online application (or go to and be approved by their home school adviser to serve on the committee. To be recognized at convention, committee members are expected to attend at least two of the three Saturday meetings each year as well as the annual Convention, which is usually held in mid-March. Meetings for the 2023-24 school year haven't been set yet, but will take place in September, November, and early February.

Anyone planning to serve as a state officer or region rep must have served on the Advisory Committee prior to running for office.


The Advisory Committee has seven standing subcommittees, and all appointed members serve on one of the committees. For 2023-24 an ad hoc committee on a statewide service project will be added. Committee roles and responsibilities can be found here.

Convention Subcommittee
Spirit Subcommittee
Communications and Media Subcommittee
Region Representatives Subcommittee (elected reps only)
Elections and Awards Subcommittee
Headquarters and Hospitality Subcommittee

Statewide Service Project (ad hoc)

National Student Council Subcommittee (on hold due to no national conference)