Level Up Your Leadership Program

This new program consists of a series of webinars presented by VSCA student leaders and advisers throughout the year. Some will occur monthly, while others will take place during Regional Workshops and the State Conference. Students and advisers have the opportunity to “level up” their leadership skills by meeting requirements for different levels.

Level Up Your Leadership LOGO

The Level Up Your Leadership program works to accomplish several goals:

  • Provide engaging activities for student leaders and advisers to learn from and network with each other

  • Foster leadership skills in students and advisers

  • Assist student councils in becoming more effective organizations

  • Recognize individual student leaders and advisers for their continuing leadership development (a nice complement to the council recognition program already in place)

  • Expand VSCA offerings to sustain and expand opportunities for member schools.

Student leaders and advisers who complete any level of Level Up Your Leadership will be recognized with a digital badge and certificate designating them as “Virginia Exceptional Student Leader” or “Virginia Exceptional Student Council Adviser” and the appropriate achieved level. For example: “Virginia Exceptional Student Leader: Silver Level.”

Find out more about the program and apply to host a webinar on this Google Site.


The following state awards are presented annually at the State Convention. Details and the applications for these awards are typically released in the fall, with January deadlines for submission.

Achievement Award

Outstanding Councils Project Display

Administrators of the Year

Advisors of the Year