2022 - 2023 Academic Year

State Officers



Ethan Clarke

Grassfield High School

Ms. Alicia White, adviser

mia hicks

Vice President Mia Hicks

Colgan High School

Ms. Amy Maneval & Corinne Sisco, advisers



Kayla Richardson

Mechanicsville High School

Ms. Caitlin Shiben, adviser

2022 - 2023 Academic Year Region Representatives

Region 1 Representative School

Mechanicsville High School

Charlotte Costic, student representative

Ms. Caitlin Shiben, adviser

Region 2        Representative   School

Hickory High School

 Delaney Reper, student representative 

Ms. Lesley Sarver, adviser

Region 3 Representative School

Massaponax High School

Avery Ran, student representative

Ms. Denise Glassford & Ms. Jessica Guerin, advisers

Region 4 Representative School

Freedom High School

 Rashmi Admala, student representative 

Mr. Jason King &   Ms. Grace Bluefeld, advisers

Region 5 Representative School

Liberty High School

 Marisa Parikh, student representative 

Ms. Jeannie Willis, adviser

Region 8 Representative School

Buckingham County High School

Gabrielle Gunter, student representative

Ms. Mary Stearret, adviser

Middle Level Representative School

Locust Grove Middle School

Amanti Lindsay, student representative

Ms. Jennifer Arameish, adviser


2022 - 2023 Academic Year Appointed Positions

Membership Coordinator 

Meredith Stapleton

Courtland High School 

Ms. Amy Thorne & Ms. Bobbie Almassy, SCA Advisers


Manreet Cheema

Battlefield High School

Mr. Joe Schelzo, SCA Adviser

Officers for 2023-2024 were elected at the annual convention in March. They will be: 

  • President School: Courtland High School (Spotsylvania Division), Meredith Stapleton, student representative and Ms. Amy Thorne and Ms. Bobbie Almassy, advisors
  • Vice President School: Buckingham County High School (Buckingham Division), Gabrielle Gunter, student representative and Ms. Mary Stearrett, advisor
  • Secretary School: Grassfield High School (Chesapeake Division), Spencer Cocuzzo, student representative and Ms. Alicia White, advisor