2021 - 2022 Academic Year

State Officers

Kathleen headshot

President Kathleen Pham

Freedom High School

Ms. Grace Bluefield & Mr. Jason King, advisers


Vice President Makenna Garrett

Liberty High School

Ms. Robin Waldron, adviser


Secretary Lexi Dortch

Hickory High School

Ms. Lesley Sarver, adviser

2021 - 2022 Academic Year Region Representatives

Region 1 Representative School

Mechanicsville High School

Rachel Holley, student representative

Ms. Lynn Griffey, adviser

Region 2 Representative School

Oscar Smith High School

 Camille Marcano Soto, student representative 

Ms. Tina Salmon and Ms. Brita Halus, advisers

Region 3 Representative School

Courtland High School

Lana Fayad,   student representative

Ms. Bobbie Almassy & Ms. Amy Thorne, advisers

Region 4 Representative School

Battlefield High School

 Brian Di Bassinga, student representative 

Mr. Joe Schelzo, adviser

Region 5 Representative School

Buffalo Gap High School

 Laurel Graham, student representative 

Ms. Elizabeth Click, adviser

Region 6 Representative School

Franklin County High School

Caroline Horne, student representative

Ms. Ashley Sigmon, adviser

2021 - 2022 Academic Year Appointed Positions

Membership Coordinator 

To be determined



To be determined